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Scaling Up

Indoor Growing Systems That Can Adapt to Market Expansion

Starrco pre-engineered indoor growing systems offer American marijuana cultivators a flexible, freestanding building solution that can change and grow as fast as this dynamic industry. Our customers call our modular indoor cannabis grow rooms revolutionary.
Grow room construction design

When you are building or expanding, you are not growing your crops. Downtime is lost revenue. With Starrco, you get more uptime. Everything is prefabricated at our facility. It just needs to be assembled and it goes together so fast. I mean, a small crew can finish two rooms a day and fit five doors in an hour.”
— Bryan Carey, President

In 2016, the North American market posted $6.7 billion in sales, a rise of 30 percent over the previous year according to a report from ArcView Market Research. By 2021, the market is projected to be worth $20.2 billion.

With Starrco’s modular indoor cannabis grow rooms you can:

  • Expand to meet the growing demand for recreational and medical marijuana products.
  • Easily adapt your facility to comply with changes in state and local regulations.
  • Cost effectively retrofit buildings to accommodate automation technology that improves yield.
  • Build your facility in phases so you can manage your investment in infrastructure.

Indoor Grow Rooms Engineered for Flexibility & Growth

You can dismantle and reassemble Starrco grow rooms. This makes it easy to move the structure to a new location, add rooms, and even add a second floor. The whole process is so fast and easy you can get back to the business of growing marijuana crops quickly. When you install a Starrco grow room our modular building methods protect your uptime.

Cleanroom for growing cannabis

Protect your original investment

From the aluminum studs to the wall panels, all parts of a Starrco building can be taken apart and then put back together for reuse.

By comparison, if your building is conventionally constructed, expansion means demolishing part (or all) of your investment. Moving to new premises means leaving all the infrastructure you’ve bought behind.

Clean expansion safeguards crops

Expanding a commercially-sized Starrco modular indoor cannabis grow room is fast and clean.

Every modular grow room is manufactured at our factory, and each part is 100 percent finished when we deliver it to your loading dock for installation. The only debris is the packaging we use to protect the parts during transit.

Conventional construction practices, with their unavoidable demolition and construction mess, bring a higher risk of accidental damage to your valuable crops along with considerably more downtime.

Build an indoor growing system in phases

Adding more space to a Starrco building is so easy that many of our customers develop a phased expansion plan that allows them to increase the size of their workspace as their business grows.

Phased expansion plans help you manage your upfront investment in a way that allows you to adapt to the market when the time is right. Installation is fast and clean so it causes little operational disruption, which means it protects your uptime and profits.

What does it take to expand a Starrco grow room?

Starrco will pull your original construction plans and design the additional space to fit seamlessly with your existing building.

As soon as we manufacture the components for the modular indoor cannabis grow rooms, they are securely packed and shipped to your loading dock for installation. It typically takes two installers around five hours to install an average 12-foot square room.

Find out how to implement a phased grow room construction plan.

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