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Manufacturer of Commercial Grow Rooms for Medical & Recreational Marijuana Cultivation

Indoor grow rooms manufactured and installed 75 percent faster than conventional construction methods.

Medium and large grow buildings are designed, manufactured, and delivered within weeks of placing your order. Our speed of assembly maximizes your uptime. The faster your facility is ready, the earlier you can start growing your marijuana plants.

Fast Installation of Modular Rooms


Add rooms, modify the layout, add a second floor, or dismantle the entire commercial grow facility and move it to a new location where you can quickly reassemble it in a way that avoids the downtime and mess associated with conventional construction projects.
Starrco Cannabis Clean Room for GrowingModular Grow Room Construction

Our freestanding cannabis grow rooms are revolutionary because they give you the flexibility to quickly respond to the rising demand for cannabis products, or evolving regulations.

When you can react quickly to market fluctuations, your commercial marijuana operation has a competitive advantage.

Premium Components

We use high-grade, non-corrosive components suitable for high-humidity growing conditions and offer a range of non-flaking, mold-resistant wall finishes to minimize the risk of crop contamination.

Indoor Grow Facilities

Modular grow buildings that meet the requirements of commercial growers.

Cleanroom Standards

Air-tight joints prevent contaminant seepage through joints.

Modular Technology

Specific indoor grow rooms designed for each stage of growing and processing operations.

Fast Install of Grow Room

Modular grow rooms are ready to use 75 percent faster than conventional construction.

5 STARR Blueprint

Versatile solutions for commercial
indoor cannabis growing operations.
Superior manufacturing technology.
Dependable and personable customer service.
Fast installation.

Starrco’s Revolutionizing Grow Room Construction

Starrco makes construction easy. When you buy a Starrco grow warehouse, we do the manufacturing off-site so you have no mess and virtually no need to coordinate:

  • You sign off on the plans.
  • You receive the shipped components.
  • The installer assembles the components.
  • You are ready to grow your crops.

Starrco has been manufacturing free-standing modular buildings for more than 50 years at its centrally located Midwest factory in St. Louis, MO. Install-ready, finished buildings can be shipped anywhere in the USA or overseas.

Watch the process of a Starrco Growroom