Grow Rooms

Pre-Engineered Marijuana Grow Rooms for Indoor Cultivation

Starrco takes the worry out of building your commercial indoor growing facility.

We have been manufacturing cleanrooms for decades for the pharmaceutical and electronics industry. We have the experience and fabrication practices in place to build tight buildings that facilitate strict environmental control.

Medium and large grow houses are often elaborate, multifunctional buildings. Starrco can design each pre-engineered grow room setup (surfaces and services) for indoor marijuana cultivation to meet your functional criteria.

Expandable warehouse rooms
Here is a list of the types of spaces you may need in your marijuana grow facility:

Indoor Growing
& Production Spaces
Cloning labs Offices
Cultivation rooms Restrooms
Curing rooms Security
Drying rooms Storage
Extraction rooms
Grow rooms
Packaging rooms
Trim rooms


We’ve seen some terrible building layouts. Grow rooms are workplaces, and they need to conform to your workflow and specific functions. The rooms where people work are not the same as the rooms where you grow your marijuana. We make sure each space is fit for its purpose.”

— Bryan Carey, President

Air-tight Design

Each pre-engineered grow room for indoor marijuana cultivation in your facility can be designed to maintain an environment and prevent contaminant seepage through gaps and joints. When the purity of your controlled environment is important, tight-fitting joints help maintain the pressure and keep the conditioned air inside.

All the interfacing walls, floors, and ceilings have precision-engineered, smooth edges, accurate cuts, and precisely mitered joints.

All components are 100 percent finished before they are shipped to your warehouse ready to install, so there are no imprecise joints that can lead to air leaks.
Grow room construction design

Mold-resistant Structure & Finishes

Whether your commercial crops are recreational or medical, one thing all cannabis cultivators fear is mold.

From our aluminum studs to the materials we use to build our wall panels, it is a problem we face head on by designing mold-resistance into your building.

We recommend highly stable surface materials that don’t absorb moisture or break down to shed particles on your cannabis plants.

Popular non-paper wall panel finishes for humid growing environments include:

  • Coated steel.
  • Vinyl.
  • Plastic.

Integrated Structural Support for Grow Lights & Other Equipment

We build our commercial-grade, freestanding indoor growing systems with load-bearing aluminum studs and roof-deck support beams. Together these support equipment such as gantries, lights, and the ventilation systems needed for climate control.

HVAC equipment can be roof mounted or installed on a cantilevered catwalk outside the building where it can be easily attached to internal ductwork and have fast maintenance access.
Grow room construction design

Tall Walls Provide Ample Space for Equipment

While Starrco buildings can have walls up to 30 feet tall, most pre-engineered grow room facilities for indoor marijuana cultivation have ceiling heights that are between 12 and 14 feet high to accommodate essential indoor growing equipment.